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The Digitally Great C-Suite's Toolkit

Especially, in service of C-Suites, with Innovators and Customer Focused Leaders. We love the Pragmatic and the Builder C-Suites, as well.


The Data Strategy Blueprint

A simple three step framework that helps drive organizations into the digital age, starting from wherever the organization is today. A must for every boardroom if the intent is to make it through the digital age.

The Datapreneur®

A concept and an idea that employees and leaders can be transformed into value creators for the digital age.

The Class-N Operational Data Store (ODS)

A technical architectural ‘blueprint’ that will help an enterprise organize their data for massive value creation for the age of big data.

The Data as an Asset (DAAS) Index

A groundbreaking method and tool that will help organizations monitor their data assets as well as create value through the use of a nine parameter index, that serves as an aid for the boardroom as well as leaders to drive companies into the digital age.