Do More. Do Faster. Do Better. Settle For Nothing Less Than 15X Gains.

Stay Easy, With Your Data, AI And Robotics. Transform Your "Good" C-Suite Into A "Digitally Great" C-Suite.

Your investors have trusted you with millions or perhaps, billions of dollars. Your challenge now, is to make your choices and decisions wisely. Which vendor to choose? Which technology is best for us? What works, and what doesn’t? Has anyone done this before, on our planet? Who can be trusted? Can we get results quicker?

All technology vendors seem to have their own interests at heart. The Big 5 firms are great, but are not specific with their advice for us, they always play safe. How can you and your teams, make your best decisions, given the complex world we are operating in today? Where do you find a trusted, un-biased and brutally honest advisory service, that has ONLY YOUR BEST INTEREST at heart?

Is there anyone out there who can help us reflect and find answers to our most pressing questions? Perhaps, even help us meditate and make mindful decisions?

Do you feel the pressure of being a non-tech senior leader, in the age of data? Are you under pressure to learn new technology related skills you are not comfortable with? Are you expected to communicate with technologist to get results, but struggle with their language, which changes on a daily basis?

Is there an easy way to get a grip on data and related technologies? Or perhaps win with data? How about getting results which were previously considered impossible? Impossible for others but not for you and your teams?

Are you nervous about your complex data program? Are you feeling the heat from the sponsors or investors?

Perhaps you are a Vice-President, Senior Director or Director entrusted by your organization to deliver one of the most complex program in your enterprise. Potentially, the most complex program in the world too!

Is there a way to insure yourself and your organization against failure? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trusted partner who will be your unbiased sounding board and success coach with world class data strategy, data architecture and solution design skills?

Imagine having someone who has over 20 years of data centric experience on your team and helping you build world class data assets for your organization. How about winning with not only Cloud and Big Data Analytics but also with AI and Robotics?

Does your organization struggle with agility? Does your culture prevent being, truly agile? Do your employees enjoy competing in the digital age, or are they burnt out? Do they know how to put data and technology to best use, regardless of the involved complexity?

Are your people, competent enough to cope with rapidly changing business and technology landscapes or are they going to be victims, without hope?

Is there a way to train people to be AI & Robotics ready, even if they are non-techies?

Board Room & C-Suite Advisory

This high-value advisory service is specifically for leaders in low-tech board rooms and c-suites.

The purposeful leadership team, will be able to collaboratively conceptualize, any or all of the below:

Winning with data, in order to:

  • Never experience a data breach
  • Grow your markets, like never before
  • Manage products differently, in order to be your best
  • Embrace your talent, to accelerate with AI & Robotics
  • Do more, faster and better. And still be happy!


Chief Data Partner Services

Investment in Chief Data Partner services is best suited for business strategy, business modeling and business architecture initiatives, that are aspiring to pursue economic value of atleast $1 Billion.

Data Management & Data Governance Advisory Services For Low-Tech or No-Tech Leaders

This great-value advisory service is specifically for leaders in low-tech business environments.

This offering includes:

  1. Advisory services that educates and trains senior leaders on the use and value of data and related technologies, in their everyday business.
  2. Enables understanding, conceptualization and development of methods and tools that work best for your organization to get results which were previously considered impossible.
  3. Coaching and mentoring of individuals and teams

Insure your multi-million dollar data investments.

Data Partner Services

Data Partner services are most suited for program(s) and/or project(s) with a minimum budget or aspired economic value, of atleast $100 Million

Data Program - Architecture & Design Advisory

This excellent-value advisory service is specifically for both high-tech and low-tech leaders who would love to have a highly competent technologist onboard, who is vendor and technology agnostic.

This offering includes:

  1. Advisory services that defines and assures, both the architecture as well as the solutions
  2. Establishment of governance and controlling frameworks, methods and tools
  3. Development of key communication material to gain influence and control of program outcomes
  4. Coaching and mentoring of individuals and teams


Chief Data Architect Services

Investment in Chief Data Architect services is most suited for programs and/or project(s) with a minimum budget and/or an aspired economic value of atleast $10 Million

The Datapreneur Series

This high-value cross-functional and customizable training program trains and develops organizations to understand and manage data, as well as all available technologies to get extra-ordinary results.

Investment in The Datapreneur Series is not only suited for, but also critical to organizations of every size. Minimum group size is applicable.